Purple is in for 2009; in case you haven’t heard…

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a magazine in the past month, let me summarize what many of the fashion, home decor and interior design magazines are publishing for 2009 colour trends:  Purple is in. Period. 

I couldn’t be happier.  It is one of my favourite colours and it gives me pleasure to think that event decor this year will be influenced by this passionate, cool colour on the colour spectrum. 

To do my part in the event blogging sphere, I have selected a couple different images to get the creative wheels turning in your brain for all your fabulous event planning in 2009.

My ode to purple:


Lavender Champagne (from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Lavender Champagne (from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Purple Trend Board

Purple Trend Board

Purple and green place setting

Purple and green place setting


Fun with chocolate

Chocolate. What event is not complete with out it?

Be it a dark bar of chocolate, a thick, rich drink, a creamy cake or sugary candy, chocolate always finds to sneak itself into a party array. 

I have been collecting different event ideas on how to incorporate this heavenly treat and I wanted to comment on a few of the ideas below. 

First off, the chocolate dessert table.  Aesthetically it is beautiful due to the range of brown tones you have to work with (white chocolate, milk, dark etc).  Not only can you play with different types of chocolate, you also can play with different textures by mixing cakes, cookies and candies in your arrangement.  Certainly a sweet and rich way to end an evening or act as the centerpiece for a dessert focused party.


Next, the chocolate gift.  Some people like giving their guests something to remember at the end of an evening.  While this tends to be a common practice in weddings, there is no reason why you can’t reward your friends after you throw a cool dinner party or afternoon tea.  Giving truffles are simple but where the creativity comes in is making your own boxes with a message under each ball.  Look at this example used for a wedding:


Lastly, who would not enjoy looking at the beauty of technological advances in the chocolate industry that has allowed chocolatiers to create works of art with chocolate?  Think: Voges Chocolate, Noka Chocolate, Joseph Schmidt, Max Brenner, Soma Chocolate and Coca Bella


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Dessert Tables

There is nothing I enjoy more at an event than a creative dessert table.  Often times, people elect to have dessert passed out by servers or use a banal, unimaginative arrangement to display sweets.  Instead, up your ‘end of evening’ entertainment to the next level by incorporating your colour or event theme into the dessert course and it will tempt your guests to indulge.   Take a look at some of my favourite selections below. 


Chic white dessert table

Chic white dessert tableMulti-level/texture outdoor tableBlue and chocolate brown themed table


Corporate Events in Style (NYC)

Corporate Event Venues- Those sometimes tacky, sterile or derelict spaces we have to choose from to organize corporate events just got a bit more stylish thanks to MEET AT THE APARTMENT in New York.  Close your eyes and picture your favourite boutique hotel interior design aesthetic and now picture where you conduct your corporate events.  If you can mesh these two visions together you get Meet at the Apartment; except more beautiful.  This newly launched space is equipped to promote creative thought as soon as you enter the doors thanks to its decor, library full of art, design and reference books, kitchen pantry to feed hungry brain cells and all the technology one could need when hosting a meeting.  Should you find yourself scratching your head or googling where to hold your next corporate meeting in New York, look no further.  You won’t regret it.  To read other reviews on Meet at the Apartment check out the Springwise.com report or PSFK.com.


Mini Desserts

I love dessert.  Both as an art form and as a dining course.  At events, the dessert course is a great excuse to be creative and wow guests.  When guests’ glucose levels are high mid event, it takes a special je ne sais quoi to tantilize the senses and encourage endulgement in a confectionary spread.  One idea to ensure dessert does not go to waste is minature desserts.  Bite size.  For those of us who like to pick, you know who you are, bite-size is heavan.  Psychologically it is easier on the mind so we do not walk away feeling guilty for having a taste.  Even better is incorporating  colour into dessert.  The best example I have found to illustrate my example is from a an article I read on nymag.com’s wedding section.   The picture I found is of a three tiered (afternoon tea type) stand with an artful way to display two types of sweet offerings for guests- What’s more eye catching, is that that the event colour scheme was incorporated into the dessert display.  Now that is my type of dessert display.  

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