Mini Desserts

I love dessert.  Both as an art form and as a dining course.  At events, the dessert course is a great excuse to be creative and wow guests.  When guests’ glucose levels are high mid event, it takes a special je ne sais quoi to tantilize the senses and encourage endulgement in a confectionary spread.  One idea to ensure dessert does not go to waste is minature desserts.  Bite size.  For those of us who like to pick, you know who you are, bite-size is heavan.  Psychologically it is easier on the mind so we do not walk away feeling guilty for having a taste.  Even better is incorporating  colour into dessert.  The best example I have found to illustrate my example is from a an article I read on’s wedding section.   The picture I found is of a three tiered (afternoon tea type) stand with an artful way to display two types of sweet offerings for guests- What’s more eye catching, is that that the event colour scheme was incorporated into the dessert display.  Now that is my type of dessert display.  

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