Cafe Mokxa

We started our honeymoon in Lyon where we walked this well known gastronomic city from top to bottom.  While wandering around one of the more artsier parts of the city, we found an adorable cafe in Lyon, France called Cafe Mokxa.

It was profiled on Beanhunter as the best cup of coffee in the city and you know what?  It is the best cup of coffee in the city because it is run by an Australian couple who gets coffee, roasting and brewing.  None of this espresso based, bitter, overly roasted stuff.  Cafe Mokxa is putting a bit of love and flavour back into Lyon’s undrinkable brews.


You know the cafe is going to be good when it carries a wide array of v60s, siphons, french presses and grinders.  Not to mention some delicious looking cookies, carrot cake and lots of coffee!

If you should find yourself in Lyon and did not bring your own grinder and beans on your travels, don’t worry, there is a spot in the city where you can breathe in sweet coffee aromas and give a sigh of relief.

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