Architruc + Baltaz’art

Architruc and Baltaz’art is a very cool design store with two locations in Beziers, France.  While staying in the Languedoc region for three nights, it was recommended that we visit Beziers to dine at le Chameau Ivre, a local wine bar/store/tapas hot spot that sells and samples wines from up and coming vintners in the region.  After a lunch of salmon tartar with basil, olive oil and lemon juice and mackerel in some sort of delicious creamy sauce, we decided to take a tour of the neighbourhood and walk off lunch.

With no map, we randomly wandered up and down streets in this interesting city and stumbled across a design oasis on some street.  I didn’t realise I accidentally visited both of Architruc + Baltaz’art’s locations which are in the same neighbourhood but I am happy I did as the larger location would make any contemporary design/home design/decorator weak in the wallet.

Their second location is the larger of the two- it almost looks like a design compound with a patio and a courtyard and several rooms/buildings attached together.  Architruc + Balthaz’art carries contemporary home pieces and sculptural conversation pieces for the home from brands such as Bloom, Fermob, Alessi, Hay, Kartell, Tivoli and Parrot to name a few.

Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

On a side note, it looked like at one point, Beziers was an architectural stunner.  Today, there is a lot of vacant, crumbling real estate, however there are pockets of revitalization that seems promising.  More pictures of Beziers in the next couple of weeks.



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