The Hill Station + Meet The Blogger

Here is a project or concept that I like but I can’t quite figure out whether it launched or not.

It’s called The Hill Station and it is a restaurant/cafe/delicatessen in Sapa (Vietnam). The Hill Station has a website which says it opened 2011 but beyond that, all I found was the identity/graphic design work for the concept and a couple reviews.  Design was done by Studio Egregious.

Finish your website “Hill Station”!!  It looks like you have a really neat business that more people should know about.

hill station 1


hill station 2 hill station 3 hill station 4 hill station 5 hill station 6

Photo Source: An Vu

There is more identity work to be seen on the Dieline and Lovely Package if you are interested.

It’s a mystery.  Has anyone been to Sapa and visited The Hill Station?  I would love to hear about it!

In other news, I am headed to Stockholm tomorrow night (Friday) to attend MEET THE BLOGGER Stockholm this weekend.  I missed last year’s event in Amsterdam and thankfully I was reminded from reading a post on Emmas Design Blog about the conference.  So off I go.  I’ve never attended a blogger conference and have no idea what to expect.  I hope I walk away with some new insights and can’t wait to check out Stockholm (grab a cinnamon bun or something!).  Some days I feel like I have so much to learn about blogging and wonder, am I doing “it” right?

I am certainly looking forward to meeting the bloggers behind Bright Bazaar, Bloesem, By Fryd, Heart Home Magazine, Lotta Agaton, Vosges Paris , La Maison de Anna G, and Joelix.  I’ve been blogging for over four years now and believe it or not, have been following some of these blogs the entire time.

I will report back next week on the conference.

If you’re attending meet the blogger, don’t be shy! Introduce yourself.


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