Fun with chocolate

Chocolate. What event is not complete with out it?

Be it a dark bar of chocolate, a thick, rich drink, a creamy cake or sugary candy, chocolate always finds to sneak itself into a party array. 

I have been collecting different event ideas on how to incorporate this heavenly treat and I wanted to comment on a few of the ideas below. 

First off, the chocolate dessert table.  Aesthetically it is beautiful due to the range of brown tones you have to work with (white chocolate, milk, dark etc).  Not only can you play with different types of chocolate, you also can play with different textures by mixing cakes, cookies and candies in your arrangement.  Certainly a sweet and rich way to end an evening or act as the centerpiece for a dessert focused party.


Next, the chocolate gift.  Some people like giving their guests something to remember at the end of an evening.  While this tends to be a common practice in weddings, there is no reason why you can’t reward your friends after you throw a cool dinner party or afternoon tea.  Giving truffles are simple but where the creativity comes in is making your own boxes with a message under each ball.  Look at this example used for a wedding:


Lastly, who would not enjoy looking at the beauty of technological advances in the chocolate industry that has allowed chocolatiers to create works of art with chocolate?  Think: Voges Chocolate, Noka Chocolate, Joseph Schmidt, Max Brenner, Soma Chocolate and Coca Bella


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