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Despite my previous blog post listing my grievances with Rome from a tourist perspective, the city still contains some pretty spectacular architecture and streetscapes.

Do you have a favourite site/building in the city?


Rome: Surprises and Disappointments

I am disappointed to report that Rome was not “all that.”  I spent a weekend in the city and left feeling tired, over-hassled, questioning how many times I was ripped off and scratching my head why the city’s reputation has not kept up with its current state: Dirty, touristy, run-down and crowded.  I expected in November, the crowds would temper from the summer.

This is one of the first trips that I can recall where I didn’t come back gushing over how much I enjoyed my time walking, eating and discovering the city.  I guess you can’t win them all.  Rome was still an experience and did find a handful of gems to share with you:

01- Lato G (gelato) where I tasted an incredibly intense and almost bitter dark chocolate gelato that was to die for.

Photo Source: Lato G

02 Casa & Bottega (two locations) a lovely cafe that serves a variety of food from yogurt and fruit, to charcuterie boards, salads, meatballs, pastas, hamburgers, and pastries!  The interior is cosy (tables are fairly close together) and rustic.  I visited both locations and loved their   chalkboard menus, all white on white furniture, weathered wood floors, black and white prints and displays of cookies and macarons.  What I LOVED- was the fact that when you order tea, it comes to the table with its own silver strainer (yes it is loose leaf) and they also give you two mini sugar heat cookies dusted with confectioners sugar.  Check and check in my books.

Photo Source: Romeing

03 Honourable mention goes to Restaurante Angelina in Testaccio which had great food and a funky, vintage, bistro decor (the service was so-so).  Its vaulted ceilings, white subway tiles, vintage furniture, industrial chairs and signs, and rustic Roman fare, gives the whole place a shabby chic and fun atmosphere. It was certainly lively on Saturday night.  We started at 9pm and didn’t leave until about 1am.  This restaurant was PACKED the entire night so it was a good thing we had a reservation.  There were large groups of locals continuously piling into both sides of the restaurant.


Photo Source: Restaurante Angelina

If you are planning a trip to Rome, below I’ve included the links to three bloggers who know their stuff when it comes to dining in Rome and were helpful to me in researching where to eat/dine in the city.

Even if you are not planning a trip, these blogs are worth a click as they contain beautiful, mouthwatering photography/Italian food ideas- and who doesn’t loooveeee Italian food?

1. Parla Food

2. Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

3. Living Roma


What are your thoughts on Rome? Have you visited the city? Were you overwhelmed by how touristy it was or did you enjoy it?

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