Corporate Events in Style (NYC)

Corporate Event Venues- Those sometimes tacky, sterile or derelict spaces we have to choose from to organize corporate events just got a bit more stylish thanks to MEET AT THE APARTMENT in New York.  Close your eyes and picture your favourite boutique hotel interior design aesthetic and now picture where you conduct your corporate events.  If you can mesh these two visions together you get Meet at the Apartment; except more beautiful.  This newly launched space is equipped to promote creative thought as soon as you enter the doors thanks to its decor, library full of art, design and reference books, kitchen pantry to feed hungry brain cells and all the technology one could need when hosting a meeting.  Should you find yourself scratching your head or googling where to hold your next corporate meeting in New York, look no further.  You won’t regret it.  To read other reviews on Meet at the Apartment check out the report or

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