To Rome

In just a few hours, I am boarding a plane to Rome to enjoy a weekend of pasta, pizza and 19 degree-sunny weather.  The weather will be a nice change from the dense fog that has been blanketing Prague most of the week.

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Have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans are.

I will see you next week with pictures/finds from Rome.



I had a super productive kitchen afternoon. Not only did I bake and ice a belated-birthday cake, I also I finally got around to using the pumpkin that I received in last week’s bedynky box (farmer box).  After browsing several recipes, I settled on trying out a roasted pumpkin and pear soup.  It’s still cooking downstairs so I will post the recipe and some pictures after I taste test it.

In the mean time, here are a couple pumpkin ideas/inspirations, should you happen to receive a pumpkin in your farmer box this coming week!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Copenhagen Birthday

Happy birthday to me today!  Yippy!

I am off to Copenhagen this weekend for a little birthday celebration and exploration of all things Danish design related.  I can’t wait.  Will report back next week.

The birthday cake is being postponed until next weekend, where I will be doing a double belated birthday baking extravaganza.

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Have a lovely fall weekend.


Happy Birthday

This is a special post to wish my husband a happy birthday today!

Photo Source: Sweetapolita

(I wish she was making a cake for him today!)

We are celebrating in Barcelona instead.




My Love Hate Relationship with Google Maps

I need to vent!  I am going to rant a bit before boarding a plane for Lyon about mapping. I travel, I plan, I like to stay organized, I like maps and I like maps with pretty colours and pictures. Is that too much to ask?

I often use Google maps as a map tool to chart out driving routes, walking trips, city escapes and everything in between but for some reason, despite all my mapping and input of content, I am never satisfied with my end result.

I admit, Google maps is good to map driving routes from a functional perspective and to have all of your addresses organized in a list, but if you want to get a bit creative and make your stops look a little nicer with some visual eye candy, you are out of luck.  The Google map’s point of interest graphics are limited, drawing lines in the program is annoying, and deleting lines and points are even more annoying.

My husband and I spent a couple hours putting the finishing touches on our honeymoon road map which kicks off today and we both were extremely frustrated by the map process.  Yes our stuff is in there, but it looks like crap.

All is not lost.  I know it is possible, someway, some how to make a nice Google map.  Cee Cee, behind the great Berlin weekly email newsletter has a terrific Google map with all the cool spots in Berlin.  Cee Cee, I need a lesson!! If you ever stumble upon this post and feel like making someone’s day, please, let me know how you created such a beautiful map of Berlin?  Kudos to your superior mapping skills and/or graphic design.

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Cee Cee seems to know what to do and how to navigate the design frustrations and limitations of Google maps  because their maps look amazing and are easy to read.  I even watched the Google map video help guide and still felt that the design oomph I desired was unclearly explained.   I am open to any or all tips, suggestions or learning points to alleviate the stress associated with future maps!


Chai Tea Cookies + Chocobananagasm Loaf

All summer I wanted to bake.  I had big baking plans.  I got my cookbooks and cooking blogs lined up, I was going to tackle a couple items a week and kick my baking skills up a notch.  Guess what? Those plans were botched.  I’ve done almost zero baking as I have had a number of other projects keeping me busy and out of the kitchen.   That is…. until this week.

This has been one of my busiest weeks and for some reason,  I managed to steal a couple hours to bake two things from one of the newer cookbooks in my collection: The Sugar Cube. This is on top of launching a magazine, tying up loose ends with wedding planning, cleaning and packing.

I baked the Chocobananagasm muffins which I turned into a loaf and the Duke of Earl Cookies which I changed into Chai Tea Cookies.  They were both terrific recipes. Very easy and the outcome was delicious.


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