Okay…Maybe One More Fashion Post :)

Have I mentioned, that I have developed a small love affair with the Copenhagen fashion scene?  By small, I mean slightly obsessed. I will try to find the words to describe this layered look.  I thought I was enthralled with the Hong Kong was a fashion scene (I still love looking at the eclectic display of outfits in the city), however, since moving to Copenhagen, I am completely at one with the fashion. Meaning, I have discovered a city that wholeheartedly reflects my style, and a fashion aesthetic whose style I want to sport.

When I think of the fashion in Copenhagen, I think of pieces that incorporate a lot of mixed materials and embellishments  Fur with leather with wool, wool with ski jacket material, sequins, spikes, – oh yeah, and lots of fur. It is very popular to layer a fur vest over a leather jacket.

I guess because the weather is so changeable, layering is popular.  Lots of large wool or patterned scarves, over jackets, capes and shalls and vests over sweaters and jackets.  When the wind blows people bust out their leggings (myself included) to wear over leg warmers.  And no outfit is complete without a pair of trendy sneakers- these are a must.  You do not see many women teeter-tottering around in heels.

The silhouettes are tailored yet relaxed. Nothing is skin tight.  Often minimal, and a-line- particularly the outer-wear, dresses and sweaters.

As spring fashion is ushered onto store shelves, I am surprised by the bright colours for a people who are labeled as only wearing grey, black and white.

01 David Andersen

CPH Fashion David Andersen


02 DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

CPH Fashion Day Birger

03 Designers Remix Charlotte Eskildsen

CPH Fashion Designers Remix

04 Elise Gug

CPH Fashion Elise Gug

05 Moss Copenhagen

CPH Fashion Moss Copenhagen

06 Malene Birger


07 Bruuns Bazaar

CPH Fashion BB SS13 SHOT09 015_cmyk

This was just meant to be a small overview of some of the brands that have captivated my attention, but in reality the list is much longer.  Copenhagen is a true boutique city.  There are small independent designers and multi-brand boutiques throughout the city.  Not to mention a ton of independent jewelry and accessory designers on top of that.

It is a pleasure to see so much creativity and a robust group of fashion brands that are beloved and supported on both a local level (Copenhagen Fashion Week is quite the scene) and on an international level.  This year’s fashion week reported an increase in foreign buyers interested in carrying Danish fashion brands.  Who knows, maybe you will start to see some of these brands in your city sooner or later.



& Other Stories

I do not often blog about fashion, as it is not my area of expertise or passion.  Don’t get me wrong, I like clothes, I like dressing up, I like acquiring statement pieces that become long lasting staples in a wardrobe, but I just don’t consider myself “fashionable” or a trend follower.  I wear what I wear and I will leave it at that.

Every now and then, I will write about something fashion related (it’s been a while!) but today, it’s time to dust off the old fashion commentary and blog about a new addition to the H&M moniker: & Other Stories.

Blog Photos8


other stories 6 other stories 3

Photo Sources: & Other Stories

& Other Stories launched in London and I would peg it as a more grown up, more expensive, classier/sophisticated version of H&M.  The difference between & Other Stories and let’s say, COS (H&M’s other “grown up” brand) is not entirely clear except that & Other Stories curates pieces from non H &M brands and COS does not.  COS has a men and women’s line & Other Stories is only women’s fashion.  COS has terrific fashionable business casual ware but the style is very androgynous. & Other Stories looks like it retains the flirty and feminine side of H&M that is thrown out the window in COS.   I love COS, but there is a time and place for boxy, a-line cuts and hip hugging, fitted clothes.


Have you check out & Other Stories yet?  What do you think? Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

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