Where I am headed…. + Google Map Frustrations

View Hamburg 2013 in a larger map

Google Maps- why do you frustrate me so? I have a love hate relationship with this program.  I am en route to Hamburg for a few days where I will be doing some work for Issue 05 of Countlan magazine and taking a good look at this cool city just to the south of Copenhagen that has been on my list of places to visit for quite some time.

I made this Google Map of Hamburg with a list of places that I would like to visit and I can’t stand how it looks. I wish I had an option to customize icons beyond what is offered in the Google Map program (every time you see a swimmer does not mean there is a swimming pool).  Likewise, when you go to print the map, half the addresses don’t show up on the left side panel- you only get names of places.  This means, I have to get back online to search the address to plug into a new map.  So annoying! Any solutions out there that you would like to suggest?

You can follow along on Instagram or Everplaces if you’re interested in what some of these places look like.

I will share some photos next week.

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