Date Night: Hache

The year started with lunch…. no wait.  My year started with chicken shawarma and spicy hot chocolate. Welcome to 2013.  I have now been living in Copenhagen for just over two weeks.

What can I say about Copenhagen?  Minus the changeable weather (from rain, to fog, to cloud, to sun, to snow and back again), this city has it all.  The quality, availability and selection of food/ingredients is incredible, the design (interiors, furniture/tableware/architecture) is incredible and the fashion is incredible.

For now, I am slowly making my way around the city and exploring the various neighbourhoods on foot but I will get a bike in the spring for efficiency sake.  It seems that nothing is more than a 20 minute walk away.

Back to the part about food-I decided, this year I am going to attempt to make a dent in the city’s food scene and actively dine at different restaurants each week on a sort of-date night/date brunch with my husband.  I started building a (growing) list of restaurants that I want to visit and have washi tapped them to my office wall.

During our moving week, we were busy setting up, unpacking, making trips to Ikea and the like.  I asked him what food he was craving most that we could not get living in Prague to which my non-beef eating husband replied- a “good” burger.

Restaurant #1: Hache, is a gourmet burger restaurant across the street from Torvehallerne market in the centre of the city.  It was packed when we arrived on a Friday night in December.  Thankfully we had a reservation or else we would have been out of luck.  The interior of Hache is minimalist and cosy.  The ceiling is scattered with exposed pendant lights to illuminate its bare walls.  Like all good restaurants in the city, you dine by candlelight here.

Out of the 15 or so burgers on the menu, I ordered the Greek burger (lamb) and he tried the chili burger which comes with a chili pepper tooth-picked atop the bun.

Today's burger

Photo Source: Hache

The burgers are monstrous at Hache and require a fork and knife to eat them.  At least that is how everyone else in this packed restaurant was eating their sandwiches- fork and knife in hand.

The burger comes solo but there are different sides and salads to add to the meal.  We tested some olives, a salad and some fries.  We were utterly stuffed from this meal but it was incredible.

I saw another gourmet burger restaurant in Copenhagen called Halifax that I may test out for comparison sake, but if Hache was my only option in the city, I would be satisfied.


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2 Responses to “Date Night: Hache”

  1. Vanny says:

    I didn’t know Copenhagen was a foodie’s delight. Well, I haven’t been there, so this givese even more reason to visit. That burger looks decadent.

    • sarah says:

      I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible the food is here. Like, I’m totally blown away. The culinary scene is super creative, wait until you read about date night #2. I thought Vancouver, San Fran had good sushi-… Copenhagen might take the prize. Hope all is well Vanny!

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