Happy Holidays +

I am slowly settling into the new flat in Copenhagen.  After two nights of hanging lights and learning about hanging pendant lights and Danish electricity, my husband and I finally got our lights up, working and secure in the ceiling. Thankfully, we are no longer sitting in a flat of darkness!

It’s a process to move to a new city and get set up. Particularly over the holidays, when hours are intermittent.

On Friday, my husband and I received a beautiful holiday gift basket (box) that contained an array of delicious Italian delicacies.

The box included two bottles of wine, hand made chocolates, pasta sauce, sun dried tomatoes and organic olive oil.  Not only was it super-fun to receive such a lovely gift, I was impressed with the company that assembled the box.

Social Good Stories, the Copenhagen based gift box company, is a social enterprise that sells gift baskets whose ingredients all come from producers that are social enterprises.

Photo Source: Social Good Stories

For example, my two wine bottles come from a small organic producer called Valdi Bella.  They make wine in Sicily without paying protection money to the Mafia.  The winery also cooperates with a local youth institution to help young people with a difficult past  find the desire to change their lives.

The company also developed a fundraising platform where you can forgo the baskets and donate directly to the projects they are supporting.

I thought this basket was terrific.  Not only did we receive some great food that we will test out this week in the kitchen, our basked also supported and gave back to other communities. Win-win.

Back in Toronto, Christmas Eve meant Chinese food and a movie, which then evolved into a family meal followed by a movie.   Tonight, for our holiday meal of deux, we are cooking up some pesto salmon, roasted balsamic cabbage and spicy sweet potato fries.


Wishing you all happy holidays!

Enjoy the food, the friends, the family and the holiday spirit whatever you celebrate this time of year.


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