Design Supermarket Prague

One of my favourite holiday season pass times is visiting craft fairs/markets.  In Toronto, I used to frequent the One-of-a-Kind Show (which just closed on December 2nd) with my family. I think it was an unofficial ritual.   If you are into acquiring unique pieces for the home, supporting small, independent designers, and putting up with crowds, these shows are great.

Last year I attended Design Supermarket, Prague’s annual holiday design/craft show which brings together an interesting mix of Czech, Slovak, German, Polish and Hungarian designers under one roof.   It was at Design Supermarket where I discovered the talented Czech illustrator, Antimultivitamin, whose work I purchased and framed (currently sitting on my floor waiting to be bubble wrapped and moved).

Since I have a slight obsession with glassware and porcelain, I look forward to checking out the work of:


Hidden Factory





fotka lahve final


Lilia porcelain

 Photo Sources: 1, 2-6


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