Love This: Five Fabulous Things for Friday

It’s Friday!  What does that mean?  For some, it means recovering from a Thanksgiving turkey hangover, for others it means getting up super early to take part in Black Friday deals.  For some it means prepping for a day of cooking for a weekend full of entertaining or finally, for some today is just another day to simply go to work.

For me, it means making my way through a massive pile of assignment to grade, a quick drive to Dresden to find some lights for our new apartment in Copenhagen and a thanksgiving late lunch/early dinner on Sunday afternoon with friends.

Regardless of what today means to you, here are five things that I found earlier this week that I wanted to share.  I hope your Friday just got a bit more fabulous.

01: Great package design for Deli Bros Fine Foods by Hamburg based designer, Sven Hoffmann (love his work- he also did some neat stuff for the 25 Hours hotel group if you are familiar with them.)


Photo Source: Sven Hoffmann

02 Sous Chef- a website devoted to sourcing hard(er) to find ingredients, cookbooks and cookware for seriously ambitious home chefs. (They ship across Europe).

Photo Source: Design Week

03 This recipe for Spiced and Salted Pumpkin Pie Minis from My New Roots

04 Vintage furniture and home accessories from Eyecatcher in Dresden, Germany (Rothenburger Str. 11)

Photo Source: Eyecatcher

05 This “Kitchen for Living” from German design/living magazine Schoener-Wohnen

Food for Living

Photo Source: Schoener-Wohnen

By the way, if you haven’t checked out the second issue of Countlan magazine, I invite you to do so! I’m really happy with the way the second issue turned out and there are lots of neat articles related to entertaining that you might enjoy and a great cookbook giveaway on the Countlan Facebook page.

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