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Somewhere in my whirlwind madness of the last two weeks, I made a quick 36 hours trip to Munich in search of a better blender, some decent pizza and this place: The Negroni Bar.

First the blender:  If my memory serves me correctly, in North America, it is possible to spend $100 to $150 on a decent blender from a company with a well known reputation and brand name.  When I moved to Prague, I was blenderless, and sought out a local alternative.  I purchased something cheap and stopped using it half a year later due to questionable engine noises, low power and odd smells.  I went to three stores in Prague as well as search on three online local stores only to find a handful of overpriced, low end blenders or a handful of overpriced high-end models.  I thought I would have better results in a city such as Munich, but after visiting MediaMarkt, and Kustermann, I decided that spending 229 Euro on a KitchenAid blender that costs $130 in Toronto was rediculous and not going to happen.  Operation Blender- Failure.

Next the pizza:  I’ve been to Munich before and found a great spot for pizza called Riva Bar.  I decided that if I was going to walk away blenderless, I might as well enjoy some good pizza in compensation. The pizza was decent on this trip, but I remember a better tasting pie on my first visit.  Quelle dommage.

What salvaged the quick jaunt to Munich was a bar called Negroni.  I wanted to check this place out on my previous trip to Munich but never got around to it.  Why I sought this place out is for the following reason:  My husband is Negroni obsessed.  I thought it would be cool to go to a bar that specializes in this beverage.

FYI-If you have never had a Negroni, it is an aperitif made with Campari, gin and vermouth with a squeeze of orange.

We head to Negroni after our pizza and thankfully find two seats at the bar (the last two seats) for an up-close look at this mixology heaven.  The atmosphere is low key and very relaxed. There were candles lining the bar and a big impressive wall of bottles.  There were three bartenders very focused and hard at work mixing, stirring, shaking, pinching, and designing some of the most beautiful looking drinks I’ve ever seen.  We sampled three drinks (between the two of us- not each) and each drink presented very layered and complex flavours.  The last one we tried was a negroni with other ingredients (sorry, blanking on the name) including slices of apple. It was served in a mint julep cup and must have revealed three or four different flavours in one sip.

They have a full restaurant menu in addition to something like 140 cocktails.  What I liked about this place was that they give you some background, history and interesting facts about their drinks right in the menu itself. I snapped two photos and posted them on my Instagram feed but the lighting was so dim (and romantique!!) that it is not even worth attempting to repost these images on the blog because they are fuzzy and hard to see.

Photo Source: 1, 2, 3

This is clearly a bar for savouring and enjoying mixology.  We had a great time and the food that was coming out of the kitchen looked wonderful.  While I didn’t get a blender and didn’t have knock-out pizza, I was pleased with the experience at Negroni.

Sedanstraße 9, Munich  +498948950154


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