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Monday!  How did you arrive so fast? I have been entertaining for two weekends straight.  I love having guests come to visit me in Prague because I get to spend quality time with people I don’t often see.  It gives me a good excuse to cook, and menu plan and bake.  While thinking about things to make… I stumbled upon Creme Caramel LA, a tab I’ve had open on my browser for one week!

I don’t know why, but creme caramel and bread pudding are two polarized desserts when it comes to people’s opinions.  People either love it or hate it.   While both have a “mushy” texture, to me, bread pudding has more substance than creme caramel and for that reason I am quick to pass over a custardy-cream dessert when I am presented with the choice.  I much prefer bread pudding to creme caramel.

Creme caramel is not so unusual and often pops up on restaurant menus from time to time.  Bread pudding, on the other hand, is not so easy to find.  My first taste of bread pudding occurred in London at Ottolenghi in 2010.  I was in love with this new dessert. What’s not to like about a sweet, sticky, warm bread like dessert? Sold!

I typically associate both desserts with winter, so don’t ask me what got me searching for creme caramel or how I discovered Creme Caramel LA, but I am glad I did.  Creme Caramel LA is a Los Angeles based dessert company who is “cutting through the clutter” of all the cupcakes and fro-yo that seems to be saturating the market.  Why not do two thing very well?!  I love it.


Creme Caramel LA

Photo Source: Creme Caramel LA Blog

I have not tried any of Creme Caramel’s products as I my location puts me slightly out of reach of the farmers markets and festivals they sell at but they are on my list!

If you are into either dessert, you can find the traditional flavours of creme caramel and bread pudding from Creme Caramel LA, but its their progressive and interesting flavour combinations that piqued my curiosity.  Just take a gander…..

Creme caramel: Green Tea White Chocolate, Ube (Purple Yam), Buko Pandan (Young Coconut Pandan), Thai Tea, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Lemon Blueberry, Rootbeer Float, and Mint Chocolate

Bread pudding: Pumpkin White Chocolate, White Chocolate Cookie Butter, Apple Cobbler, Crackberry (Blackberries (when in season) & White Chocolate), Upside Down Pineapple, Chocolate Caramel Cup and Caramel Bacon (YES BACON!).

This is serious dessert we are talking about!  Sadly, I am also out of their shipping boundaries (only US) but next time I am in California, I am finding their market and treating myself to a bread pudding.  Sorry, I’m still not a creme caramel convert.

For more information on where to find Creme Caramel LA, check out their blog, Google Map, FB page or Twitter feed.

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  1. KdlC says:

    Thanks so much for the love! We hope you’ll be able to see us soon. 🙂 You’ll love LA!

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