Good Morning Breakfast Date

Good morning!

Have you ever gone on a breakfast date with someone?

And I don’t mean a breakfast meeting.  I mean a weekday date, for breakfast.

I tried this `breakfast date`concept last Friday morning and it was great.

My fiance and I have been working a lot lately and haven’t had much of a chance to go on a date.

So what did we do?  We woke up early on Friday morning and walked down the street to our local coffee shop, Muj Salek Kavy,  to go on a breakfast date.  Him and I. No business talk.

He had ham and eggs, (in Czech, that is written “Hemenex“) and I had the pancakes with spiced plums, sour cream and syrup. It was simple, quick, fun and romantic.


This was a recommended experience!  Has anyone been on one?


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