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Believe it or not, the flight that I was supposed to take to kick off my honeymoon was cancelled.  Can you believe it?  We get an email from Edreams (FYI- never, EVER book a flight on Edreams) alerting us that our flight has been cancelled to Nice and we should call them to figure things out.

After fighting with two CSRs and no one willing to transfer us to a manager (a rather simple request), we are now rebooking with a new airline/website and re-routing our plans, hotels, car rentals and plans entirely.

So bye-bye to Nice, and hello to Lyon.  My fiance wanted us to to our trip off in Nice so he could say “It’s nice in Nice,” cheesy, yes, but it’s the simple things in life that bring a smile to one’s face. Oh well. I hear that Lyon is a delicious gastronomy city, so I am happy to have the opportunity to explore France’s second largest.

On another topic, I wanted to share another great Etsy find that I found a while back while reading Freakdelafashion’s blog.

Homako is a jewelry designer who is originally from Japan who now lives in Los Angeles. I love her jewelry designs.  She uses wood, fabric and other materials to make her geometric looking pieces and they are all available on her Etsy shop.  Soo cute!

Wood Jewel Necklace-Gold

Ami Rope Smile Necklace - Natural

Kuro Sankaku Necklace

Origami Hana Rope Necklace -  Light Brown

Photo Source: Homako Etsy Shop

 I have never experienced travel hassle to this extent.  I hope you are having a less frustrating evening than I am having.


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