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I’m in the trenches with my sleeves rolled up.  I am referring to the volume of work related tasks I am attempting to plow through between now and the time I board a plane for Toronto.  With several projects on the go, my eyes will soon be in need of a rest!

Today I did something out of the ordinary while eating breakfast: Turn the TV on.  I don’t often flick on the television while eating my morning granola and yogurt but for some reason, I did.  One of those “discover” travel programs were on about New Zealand and the extreme sports and golf opportunities available around the country.  Golf, I would entertain.  I am not sure how I feel about extreme sports.  After thinking about how I could one day get to New Zealand to experience the beauty of its landscapes, my mind wandered to one of my few New Zealand associations:  Coffee. (The other association is wine).

Don’t ask me why I know about New Zealand’s reputation for coffee but I know it exists.  Apparently coffee is taken very seriously in that country. Ironically, being a non-coffee drinker, my only direct experience with any sort of New Zealand coffee is from visiting a kiwi run coffee shop in Toronto’s Leslieville area.  Te-Aro has good tea and vegan carrot muffins.

On the topic of New Zealand coffee culture, I started poking around to see who the players were, why NZ coffee has such a stellar reputation and why its reputation has crossed international waters.  While I am still searching for the answers to my questions, Coffee Supreme crossed my path. Coffee Supreme is an independent coffee roaster/sourcer & brewer with cafe locations in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Melbourne (AUS). They also have a great online shop if you are looking to build out your in-home coffee routine with top of the line gadgets, accessories and beans.


Just looking at their branding (from Hard Hat Design) and crazy, eclectic interiors (industrial-lab-vintage-retro-market-chic), it is easy to see why they have such a loyal following of coffee drinkers.  So cool.


These cool coffee bags (in the image below) were designed by Work Art Life in Melborne.

16 different takeaway cups were illustrated by the Hard Hat design team in paint, ink, chalk and pencil. The three different colour cups reflect the three different sizes of coffee available, making it easier on the baristas when line ups get busy.

hardhat work / coffee supreme cups

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Has anyone been to Coffee Supreme?  Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

Have a great Monday.



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