Good morning.  I am busy working away on re-formatting two of my marketing classes and close to the launch of a new digital magazine.  Did I tell you about the project?  You will get to see a sneak peak soon and the full version by end of July.  The topic of the digital magazine is entertaining (at home) globally and I have been working with a really talented graphic designer who has made the visual process a lot more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined.

In my role as marketing lecturer, I have to admit, it is quite nice to have the summer “off” so I have time to think about how to better present material, make my business classes more interactive, creative and fun for my undergrad students in September.  I am surprised by how creative the process is to develop and create lesson plan decks.

On to more visually attractive topics this morning: How amazing is this bakery/pastry shop/decor spot in Mexico City?  It reminds me of the stylish Mexico City macaron place I wrote about two years ago called Theurel and Thomas.  Cioccolato (website under development) is shiny and white with a laboratory-esque feel.  The interiors are kicked up a notch with a heavy dose of  colour, fun and playfulness as a result of the plentiful eye candy around the shop from the pictures on the wall to the center “work bench/island” that looks like it had a bucket of pink paint or icing was dumped down its side leg.   The branding and interiors were done by a fabulous firm named Savvy Studio (based in Nuevo Leon, Mexico) who has also worked on some cool projects like Villa de Patos and Costa Nueva. Why am I not in Mexico City enjoying all of these fun restaurants and bakeries?  As a blogger, the travel list gets longer and longer by the day….

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