What a bummer for me.  I woke up on Saturday morning to find out that my fridge died.  It was off the entire night so I had to clean all the perishable items out.  As a result, my baking plans for blueberry pie had to be shelved as I could not store dairy products.   I did salvage my two blocks of butter and resourcefully turned them into a batch of shortbread before they turned.

On a happier design note, I love everything about the branding, retail merch and cafe interior of Superette, a neighbourhood cafe in Cape Town, South Africa.  The individuals behind Superette also run Neighbourgoods Market– another cool food/retail concept in Cape Town.









Photo Source: 1 logo, 2-8 from Superette

The hybrid restaurant, bakery, grocery store, and retail store has always been a favourite of mine.  Daylesford Organic in London is another example of this hybrid concept.  Superette offers sandwiches, salads, breakfast, baked goods and a supper club, which is something a bit different.  Those plates of theirs are adorable (last picture).  I would love a set.


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