Craftsman & Wolves: A Modern Bakery

You’ve gotta love modern bakeries.  Every now and then a baker goes ultra modern with his or her interior design and it just makes everything look so chic.  Taking the modern interior design approach does not make a bakery, but it can help the company stand out as long as the products match in quality.  My global modern bakery list includes: Princi, Ble, Nadege, Helsinki Bakery, Kara’s Cupcakes, Joseph Brot von Pheinsten, and Vyta.

The newest bakery to join the modern-sugar crew is chef William Werner‘s  Craftsman & Wolves on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District. After browsing its sizable breakfast menu on the Craftsman & Wolves website, my top pics of items I would like to try include their “damn fine granola,” “smoked almond brittle,” a “cocoa carrot muffin,” and a “raspberry, coconut, earl grey, almond cube cake” (see cube cake below). The bakery also has sandwiches and coffee from local coffee bar and roaster, Sightglass. 


Photo Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

One more point of interest, while we are talking about Craftsman & Wolves.  If “clustering” is a good business strategy, then Craftsman & Wolves did an excellent job by locating itself a block away from one of my other SF all time favourite bakeries, Tartine.

Speaking of which, today I tried baking two Tartine cookie recipes for class tomorrow: shortbread and chocolate walnut cookie from the Tartine cookbook.  Looking forward to taste testing.


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