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Did I ever tell you about my cake tasting experience in Amsterdam when I was originally planning my destination wedding?  As a diligent researcher I spent my time finding different bakeries in the city, plotted them all out in Google Maps and reached out to a few who I thought would fit the bill.  In the short period of time I spent in the city I corresponded with a few and only visited one (actually two- but that is part of the story) for a tasting.

Our tasting at the first place was quite standard.  We discussed cake expectations, number of guests and potential flavours.  What I didn’t realize before speaking with the baker was how vastly different Dutch wedding cakes were from North American wedding cakes.  On the outside the cakes look the same, but the type of cake and filling that is used is different.  If you are expecting a spongier, moist consistency with buttercream, think again.  I tried something delicious called (pardon my French) called a “chocolate slut” that was the consistency of a dense chocolate brownie with dried cherries and nuts.  Delicious, but not what I imagine in a wedding cake.  The same goes for the version of carrot cake I tried.  Decent tasting but it was missing all the spices, the spongy texture and the cream cheese icing.  I also sampled a few vanilla cake items with creams and mousses inside.  Not the texture for me.  Fundamentally, there was nothing wrong with what we tasted, it just wasn’t right for us.

On my second last day of wedding planning, discouraged and upset over the thought of not having a delicious piece of cake I could identify with at my wedding, I found Zoe at Cake Amsterdam.  Zoe is a New York City expat living and running a successful baking/catering business inc the city.  When I contacted her, she was nice enough to squeeze my fiance and I in for a tasting (I got hopelessly lost trying to find the shop along the canals of the RLD) and finally, our taste buds were at peace.  We sampled a round of cupcakes in death by chocolate, lemon coconut, carrot cake, red velvet, and Dutch orange (vanilla cake with an orange citrus buttercream).  All flavour combinations were outstanding, the cake was the right consistency and the buttercream was sweet and not too buttery.


We were so pleased that we had found a North American baker living in Amsterdam and had a lovely baking conversation during our tasting in her shop.

Photo Source: Cake Amsterdam

While my excitement may be bordering overkill, if you have lived as an expat anywhere, sometimes when you find something familiar to the palate you appreciate it just a bit more.  We were sorry that we weren’t able to work with Zoe in the end, as we moved the wedding back to Toronto, but we look forward to the next time we are in the city.  Her bakery is not to be missed if you are craving a North American style (cup)cake.

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