Popelini Choux: Move Over Macarons

I am cheating on my beloved macarons.  I have written numerous posts over the past four years of blogging about my love and devotion to the colourful, sweet, half crunchy-half chewy, flavour bursting mouthfuls.  Everywhere I travel, I sample macarons.  I have probably eaten macarons in over 25 different countries.  I digress; back to my story of how I cheated on macarons.

It happened this past weekend while visiting family-to-be in Paris.  Here is how it started.  Like most of you, I keep old issues of magazines in my house like prized trophies.  I had an old copy of Marie Claire Maison laying around and decided to brush up on my French before venturing to France.  While flipping through the magazine, I came across one of those page-stopping articles where you are compelled to read the entire thing, word for word, instead of just eyeballing it- you know what reading on the Internet does to reading patterns these days.

This 250 word blurb on Lauren Koumetz’s growing choux business, complemented by a big picture of round, fluffy looking balls topped with a circular disk of sugar, hooked me. I had to find time to get to Popelini to see what these mysterious desserts were about.

Before the family lunch on Sunday, we snuck out to the 9eme where we timed our breakfast at Rose Bakery followed by some choux at Popelini, perfectly.  The choux experience was surreal.  Much better than the macarons I had sampled the day before at Laduree in Printemps.

I should ask, do you know what a choux is?  It is a cream puff!  Gasp.  That’s right, a cream puff.  If you roll in my circles, you know I hate creamy desserts – it’s the texture that gets me.  This means, no mousse, no eclairs, no cream puffs.  No offence to Beard Papa’s in Hong Kong which kind of cemented this no-creamy dessert thing for me. Completely sworn never to eat another cream filled pastry, I turned to macarons for the past eight years.

However, I am an open minded person and partially due to my lazy French brain, I actually forgot what choux was when I read the article.  Fortunately for me, I let my cream puff guard down and bit into a heavenly dark chocolate choux.  Unreal!  We ended up purchasing a sample of 12 flavours to bring to the family lunch for dessert. I think they were a hit.

I feel like it is almost sacrilegious to make this claim but macarons, you have met your match with choux, specifically choux from Popelini.  While savouring my choux, the other idea firing off in my brain was, why does this not exist in Toronto? Hello choux bar at my wedding?  I would love to have a choux bar at an event.

These things are so much fun to pop into your mouth and eat.  Not only do they come in all different flavours {salted caramel, vanilla, pistachio, praline, rose & raspberry and milk chocolate with passion fruit} and colours, but also, they neatly fit in the palm of your hand.  In other words, excellent as a cocktail format food item.  Leave me a comment if you have tried or love choux.

Here are some other people who apparently share my sentiments on Popelini + choux:

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