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I am so annoyed with my camera right now.  I went to Dresden for the day on Saturday, took all these fabulous pictures of things I wanted to share with you, (did no biking as a result) and was all ready to blog about my experience.   What do I get as I go to download the files? A memory card error stating that the card is empty.  Where did my pictures go?  I know they are not lost for good as I can see some of them but for some reason they are housed elsewhere.  Urgghhhhh.

Once I get this problem remedied, I will blog about the incredible, an rather unexpected lunch I had at Bean & Beluga in Dresden as well as a new restaurant concept where your meal – essentially German tapas-  is served to you in Weck jars.  More on those spots later this week.

For now- I also discovered a cool bracelet/bangle jewelry line from Copenhagen (Nørrebro district), Denmark called Tokyo Jane.  Their bracelets and bangles are a mix of metal and leather, some have patterns, some have bling, some are colourful, and some are neutral.  The Tokyo Jane bracelets can be worn on their own or stacked all together depending on how much of a wrist statement you would like to make.  You can also see more from Tokyo Jane on their blog.  I am thinking about these as potential bridesmaid gifts…. What do you think?

I treated myself to a leather bracelet that looks like the sixth from the left (in picture below) but instead of gold the links mine is silver and instead of felt, my bracelet is made of a smooth taupe-y leather.  I love it! I think it is their 1015 bracelet.

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