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Any tea shop that sports a chandelier out of Turkish tea glasses, and has the ceiling height to do so is a tea shop I want to visit.

T2 or tea too, started by Maryanne Shearer in 1996 in the Fitzroy suburb in Melbourne, Australia, has done a phenomenal job filling the world with more tea, or more specifically, filling Australia with more tea.  T2 currently has a network of 30 retail stores around the country and is a fabulous example of a design inspired travel destination.

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I love T2’s dark, modern, sleek and spacious store interior that is filled to the brim with colourful fun things to smell, see, touch and taste.  T2 carries approximately 200 teas from Asia and Europe and has a wide array of fun tea accessories from tea cups, mugs, jugs, pots, saucers and more.

There is something very attractive about the masculine looking nature of the store interior, coupled with the brand’s bright colour palette (black, red, orange, pink) accented with Asian aesthetics and patchwork on the website-T2’s look is a stark departure from the image of a typical tea shop that one would conjure up and I think it is fabulous.  I can’t wait to visit when I eventually make my way over to Australia.  Has anyone visited a T2 shop before?  Would love to hear about it.

T2, T2 tea

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