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Hello blog readers.  I hope you had an exciting weekend full of sunshine.  It was 32 degrees with plenty of sun in Prague and the streets were rammed with tourists.  The city is in full bloom with the smell of lilac bushes.  Lots of exciting things are going on that I will share with you over the month of May including a series of photo shoots I am organizing for a new project which will launch in July.  My team and I had our first photo shoot this weekend at a friend’s house and it went off without a hitch and we all learned a few things to help us better prepare for the next one and feasted on a tasty vegetarian lunch.

I have been meaning to blog about social jewelry company,  31 Bits, as I think they are worth talking about.  I shared with you all earlier this month that my wedding clock is ticking away and we are soon approaching our wedding date in August. While most of the event pieces are falling in line nicely,  I currently have no dress, no shoes and no jewelry so my hunting efforts have kicked into overdrive.  I decided to start with jewelry and work backwards from there!

I can’t remember the first time 31 Bits crossed my path, as several terrific people have profiled them this pas year including 100 Layer Cake, glitter guide, and apartment 34 (to name a few).  However, when I checked out the 31 Bits website and read more about the brand’s story, I fell in love with their purpose, designs and more importantly, their recently launched bridal line.

31 Bits is a great company and is getting a lot of well deserved attention these days.   The company has a terrific entrepreneurial story and social community focus to their business.   They work directly with a community of women in Northern Uganda who specialize in making paper beads (the designers of the company).  If you are a bride or bridesmaid, it is perfect timing to have a company like this cross your radar as the festive wedding season has officially kicked off and I know how stressful the hunt for finding the latest and greatest can be to make sure you are primped and polished to the max before walking down the aisle.

I love their caramel dust look (below).  There is one more necklace I like but can’t find it right now for some reason.

Caramel Dust Bridal - Bridal

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