Isn’t it the best when you can combine work and pleasure?!  I think so.  Today as I was putting the finishing touches on my slide deck for class, I was searching for some extra examples to illustrate different e-commerce platforms that small businesses could use to get up and running fairly quickly.

I learned that one of the newer e-commerce solutions on the market that caught my eye was a company called Goodsie, (competitor to Shopify), whose site showcased several examples of small businesses that use its service.  Milkmade was one of them and I am now in love with this adorable ice cream company and happy that I found them.

Like every good entrepreneurial story, Milkmade was started by a girl named Diana in New York who was looking for better quality ice cream.  So she launched Milkmade the end of 2009 with an ice cream subscription model.  In return for the yearly subscription from customers, you get one or two pints of artisanal ice cream hand delivered to you in New York and Brooklyn.

With flavours like carrot cake, salted caramel, key lime pie, and pop tarts, Diana’s ice cream will certainly sound innovative and exciting.  I’m sure my taste buds would appreciate the local ingredients in her frozen treats.

What a fun treat one a month and something lovely to look forward to along with bills.  I wonder if she will do airmail to Prague!?






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