Kitchen Spring Cleaning + Weekend Roundup

I was looking around my kitchen this past weekend after accidentally breaking yet another one of the delicate Riedel O glasses, thinking it may be time for a spring re-fresh; a few new accessories and gadgets to freshen-up  the kitchen environment  for spring.  You know, the typical spring cleaning you do on your wardrobe where you edit items in and out? Same idea, but for the kitchen.

I would like to add a couple new tools and delete some others that are on the brink of no-return- frayed plastic edges, chipped or broken ceramic and glass.

Kitchen editing for spring, makes cooking more enjoyable when you have a new tool to play with.  Not that cooking and entertaining isn’t fun, in and of itself!  It’s just that, sometimes when you have something new and fun to use, culinary pride and excitement, that can diminish due to the monotonous rhythms of life,  gets renewed.

One of the concepts I noticed that appears to be making a comeback online is the “general store” e-commerce site where you can shop across several product categories, of niche brands for the home and the site gives you the feel of being in a general store. One store in particular, whose items I loooooove is Father Rabbit out of New Zealand.  Father Rabbit has a wide variety of great, classic pieces for the home that have a bit of a vintage flare but could easily mix and match among contemporary accessories.  I think my favourite kitchen items are the five photos I have selected below.

Farm Milk Bottle

Measuring Spoons

Measuring Bottles

Nesting Bowls

Wooden Box | 4 compartments

Photo Sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7

Outside of a good spring cleaning, something that seriously needs to happen in my house, here are some other things I found this weekend that I thought you might enjoy.

1. Mim Design’s (Australia) interior of Joy Cupcakes.  The quilt patch colourful wall, mixed with hanging wooden spoons on the wall, upside-down cupcake wrapper lights and a marble counter top (looks like marble) with a fringe that mirrors a doily is just spectacular.  The store has lots of natural light but clearly screams, modern cupcake.

2. Design Attractor’s (Czech Republic) colourful Restyle Prints sold through  I, of course like this Retro Tea Prints, particularly the ones seen here, and here.

3. Seventeendoors’ post (Sweden) for the most stunning black and white kitchen I have seen in a while.  It’s got floor to ceiling tiles, great eclectic hanging lamps, a chalkboard cupboard and a mix and match of stainless steel, black and white.

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