Photos for a Happy Thursday

Today started out rather grim.  It was rainy and cold and quite miserable in the city.  The type of day where you want to stay home, curl up in a warm afghan, with a book, a big pot of green tea and hibernate.  My energy felt totally drained by the grey skies.

This afternoon, instead of coming straight home to spend the afternoon working, I decided to take myself to a two hour dance workshop that was being run not too far from the college where I teach.  Let me tell you, it was a blast.

Post dance class, my body is super sore from the work out as dance is not in my repertoire for exercise but I got to laugh at myself, and my apparently clumsy, and slightly uncoordinated movements (all important things). Sometimes you just need to switch things up a bit.  When I left the studio, lucky me, the sun had come out which is what I am looking at now out of the west facing window of my flat as I write this post.  I am keeping my fingers crossed the weather stays like this all weekend.

What is making you smile this afternoon?  Here are some photos that may help.


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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