Round out tea with coffee: Fourbarrel

Yesterday I posted about an exciting tea expansion that will no doubt hit the tea world by storm.  Today I am shifting gears into coffee.  My fiance is currently in San Francisco attending a cool technology course on how to gamefy processes while I am in Prague slowly loosing my voice from lecturing four days in a row.  I used to sing and perform on stage and apparently I have forgotten the appropriate techniques for preserving your voice but still making yourself heard and projecting in a room without strain.  Mental note, go back and check up on vocal straining.

Back to coffee. One of the questions my fiance and I always toss around prior to travel, regardless if it is for pleasure or business is where will we get our daily fix?  He:coffee, I:tea.  I mean, that is one of the most important things to figure out after  answering”what hotel will I be staying in?” Blue Bottle coffee in San Francisco looks like it is the most talked about coffee business in the city, but I was immediately attracted to a spot called Fourbarrel, a coffee shop opened by Jeremey Tooker in 2008 in the Mission district.  This”vertically integrated” coffee shop is backed by some serious interior design and is for the coffee junkie who appreciates a good bean.  The company sources, roasts and serves coffee in a very modern, industrial setting, and to borrow the words from a review by the website, The Architect’s Library, this cafe “uses architecture to AMP up the conversation.”  There is also a lovely video about Fourbarrel coffee that I posted below, if you want a behind the scene’s look at their business.  Seven Summit Productions (the company who made the video) really did a terrific job with this one.

I am waiting to hear the report from my man on just how large of space Fourbarrel occupies, but from what I can tell, the scale of Fourbarrel looks massive.  It was designed by Boor Bridges Architects and truly imbues a large scale, industrial chic atmosphere with its wooden tables made from salvaged beams and its vintage metal school-or draftsman looking chairs. I’m drooling over the interiors and totally jealous that I am no in SF right now to experience it myself.  Next time/next trip!  Has anyone been to Fourbarrel?

Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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One Response to “Round out tea with coffee: Fourbarrel”

  1. adam says:

    It’s actually a gigantic place… almost too big. It has a great atmosphere though it was packed with a ton of people (it was actually hard to move around).

    I had an iced coffee; it wasn’t that great but I’ll go back for round two.

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