Easter Markets in Prague

I spent some time walking around the various Easter markets that have been popping up all over Prague’s square this past week.  I snapped some shots  to capture the colour and vibrancy of these markets that will be replaced by the markets of the next holiday or farmer’s markets (my hope).

Prague’s colourful Easter markets are filled with sweet smells, colourful eggs, ribbons, bunnies, chicks, toys, flowers, honey, pussy willow branches, and small gifts made of wood and glass.  Also sold is the traditional whipping stick!

Whipping stick. You read it correctly.  Apparently the Czech custom (dating back to the Middle Ages) is for men to whip women on Easter day in order to bring fertility to the family.  There is another tradition involving the woman getting to dump cold water on the man’s head but that was anecdotal and I am not sure if the water is part of the official custom or just in retaliation from being whipped.

While I did not witness the public Easter whippings, I did enjoy walking around the markets!!  I have never seen anything like these markets before in my life.   Easter, as I recall, is not as publicly or festively celebrated in Toronto.

If you had the holiday off today, how did you spend it?

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