Vanilla Food Company + Weekend Roundup

Boy could I use a company like this when I am missing baking ingredients in Prague.  I can’t tell you how many times I go to bake, realize I am missing an ingredient, head to the store and end up searching endlessly for something that I may or may not find.  Vanilla was one of the top things on my list that I could not locate in the city, however now I know you can purchase a small bottle at Marks and Spencer ($$).

I thought the Vanilla Food Company, a Toronto based, specialty, online-only business that sells vanilla (beans, extracts), plus other baking items such as spices, dried fruits, extracts, flavourings, pastes, powders and colourings (to name a few) was a neat niche business for bakers and food enthusiasts to know about.  Not only can you get extracts, you can get beautiful things like Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste, Callebaut chocolate chips as well as chocolate from Cacao Berry and Valrhona (the premium chocolate heavyweights!), and cinnamon from Vietnam.

It looks as if this company was born out of a bit of frustration with the quality and selection of vanilla beans available to regular/non professional chefs in the marketplace.  “The dried up, shriveled, over-priced vanilla beans” we are all accustomed to buying would not suffice for this entrepreneur.  Instead, Vanilla Food Company is filling that gap by upping the quality and accessibility to customers in Canada and the US!

I can’t wait to put my order in and pick up some items to bring back with me to Prague when I return to Toronto in May.

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Outside of craving quality chocolate and vanilla paste, I found some interesting ideas on the blogsphere to share with you:

I would like to try this pancake recipe on the weekend from Indonesian blogger, Cemplang Cemplung

I enjoyed reading this blog post on organic vegetables and fruit in Dubai from blogger, My Custard Pie

Finally, design store, Riija, in Riga Latvia, looks like it carries a lot of neat stuff from local designers, if you are into exploring or collecting some design products from Latvia.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and so glad to know you enjoyed the article. Glad it led me to your blog. It’s interesting to know how expats in other countries fare – I know many people who were expats in Prague and loved it, but I’m sure it’s not without its challenges and idosyncracies! It’s a city I would love to visit (have been to Krakow twice which is always compared with Prague).

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