Red Pif

I had the pleasure of checking out Red Pif, new a restaurant/wine store/wine bar in Prague  1, late this afternoon and I can triumphantly say, this place is a winner in the city if you are looking for a cool, design forward environment (not overly trendy) to sample wine, and have a bit to eat in the heart of the city.

In addition to offering an impressive selection of wines by the glass, the interior design is supurb, which makes the wine tasting experience a pleasure.  Who doesn’t like drinking in a light and airy space built of natural wood that seems to extend forever?

Other noteable design features about its space is that Red Pif has some very cool window shutters in the shape of cut out wine bottles (see picture below), high ceilings, an industrial looking, floor to ceiling wine shelving unit (comprised of mostly French and Czech bottles) and a stunning bar.  The menu wasn’t bad either.  I sampled a cheese platter and my friend had the pumpkin risotto.  Both were good and I would go back to try a full meal.  Red Pif was also non-smoking from what I could tell, a relief to those still hunting for bars and lounges in the city that don’t have you leaving reaking of smoke!

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