Agneta Livijn

Depending on where you live, travel or shop, you may be familiar with the name Agneta Livijn.  However, it is likely you may own one (or many) of her pieces and not even know it belonged to Agneta Livijn’s as her work is unidentifiable by logo.  What is identifiable, is the product line’s fun stripes (Pisa cups below), hand painted text and bold colours across cups, mugs, saucers, bowls, and dishes all made in stoneware.

The (nearly) 20 year old brand from Stockholm was launched by artist and designer, Agneta Livijn.  Today, the company produces pieces under its own brand and for other retailers which appropriately reflect the tag line of the company, “Get Hip, Get Handmade.”

Picture Source 1, 2, 3

I just love her mugs.  They look so sturdy and solid and would look terrific on a table for brunch.

Stockholm artist and ceramicist Agneta Livijn created the custom crockery.

Picture Source Remodelista

In terms of work for other brands, she has collaborated with R.O.O.M (Stockholm), Marks & Spencer, Habitat (UK), Bakery & Spice (Stockholm), IKEA and the Story Hotel (Stockholm) to name a few. I look forward to tracking down a couple pieces myself next time I am in Germany or eventually get to Sweden.

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