Love This: Eggs, Toms and Weekend Roundup

Hello all!  Welcome back to Monday.  Toms shoes are on my brain.  I think it is because it was warm enough this weekend to wear my pair (sparkly gold Toms), as temperatures nearly reached 20 degrees in Prague.

I continue to be impressed by Toms, my favourite social shoe company who I blogged about here.  If you are not familiar with the brand, their business model is a one to one where when you buy a pair of their shoes, they donate a pair to children in need around the world.

I am blown away by their most recent endeavour called Toms Ticket to Give, where the rewards a customer with a ticket and the opportunity to follow his or her purchase and have the experience to travel with the company and give a pair of shoes.   I just watched the video of their recent winner who will be going to Honduras to donate shoes with her mom.  What a memorable experience for the customer and a fabulous way to engage people in a meaningful way with the Tom’s brand.

You’ll notice I also posted some eggs.  I re-pinned these eggs on one of my Pinterest boards a week ago and have been saving it for a post leading up to Easter.  For some reason, the dyed eggs reminded me of the colour of Toms shoes.


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Freetown Navy Women's ClassicsTOMS Blue Canvas Women's Classics

Freetown Yellow Women's ClassicsFuchsia Crochet Women's Classics

I am headed to the Austrian Alps to one of the hotels reviewed by White Line, a cool indie hotel site that I have been reading for the past year or so.   I look forward to the drive from Prague (about 5 hours) and exploring the mountain region.  Speaking of travel sites, has anyone seen Tablet’s new website makeover?  Any thoughts?  I think I like it although I haven’t spent enough time playing around the site.  In prepping for the ski trip next weekend, I hope one day I can look this fashionable while I ski.  I am love with the vest that this Life in Travel blogger is wearing.  However, maybe her attire is more apres ski wear!  I wonder whether these glasses would protect my eyes from the mountain sun?  They would compliment the vest well don’t you think?

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