Love This: Hip Shops

I am on my way downstairs to bake batch #3 of hamantashen.  Tonight I am baking a poppy seed hamantashen recipe from the Kinnereth cookbook.  I am hoping the third time is a charm and I am calamity free.  I walked back to the grocery store to buy a new bag of flour.  I actually found a bag that had an English translation on the package so I could avoid yesterday’s error of purchasing bread flour.  You’ll be able to see my hamantashen results and recipes in tomorrow’s blog post.

On to more important things: today I wanted to blog about a very cool website that I found called hip shops.  If you are an avid traveler and enjoy dabbling in and scouting out cool shops around the world like I do, you will appreciate the site: Hip Shops.


Photo via Theorii

The best way to describe this site is that its a social platform where you can browse the shops that have been curated by HipShops or share/upload/create your own list of cool shop finds on your travels. You can also email your lists to people so if you’re that type of person who likes to share and recommend things, this is a neat way to document, map and communicate your treasures!

I am totally going to make use of this.  This is my kind of site!

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2 Responses to “Love This: Hip Shops”

  1. Your baking sounds fun – hope it goes well!

  2. i love this site, thanks so much for sharing!

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