Tea Bar + Weekend Round-Up

Boy do I love this idea for an event: Aake your own tea bar.  I am in the process of brainstorming my own catering plans for the wedding that will take place later this summer.  We have already talked about an espresso bar for my darling, coffee snob groom, but this is the year 2012, and now that I’ve opened my eyes to possibility,  I think equal rights for beverage drinkers should apply.  If the coffee snob groom gets special coffee, then the tea snob bride should get her own canisters filled with her favourite blends.  What’s fair is fair right?!?  I may have to look into this further and do some investigation on how to make it happen.

Source: bridalmusings.com via Nichole on Pinterest

In the mean time, we bid goodbye to our house guests on Sunday who were out for a week’s visit in Prague.  I spent most of Sunday afternoon relaxing, tidying up and just plain vegging out after a week of entertaining.

My top five posts from the weekend are as follows:

  1. Studio DIY’s Wildlife prints.  I want a big hippo like the one on the blog.  I actually have always wanted a pet pig.  Not one of those mini pigs, a cute, pink pig with a curly tail type pig.
  2. If you are into jam or canning check out Lovely Little Detail’s terrific side project called Jam Grams. She is spreading joy one jar at a time.
  3. This Boysenberry Galette recipe from Rosy Little Things looks delicious.
  4. I would like to furnish my next home with several items from Story North, (blog) such as the Muuto stacking shelves, Menu stackable oven dishes,  and the Carline Swift Bone China Tea light holder.
  5. I would like to develop the courage to pull of a pair of pants like these which seem to be in right now (patterned jeans), so elegantly and stylishly worn over at blog, Atlantic-Pacific.

Share your thoughts!  Would love to hear what kept you busy this weekend.


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