New Trend: Dessert in a Jar

You heard it here first.  The trend is coming- desserts in a jar.

What’s not to love.  They are portable. They are filled with delicious goodness.  They are fun and they are attractive. Feast your eyes on these beauties below!!

On a non-dessert note, we had a delicious dinner tonight braised chicken with black olives, onions and tomatoes with roasted brussels sprouts and a mixed cabbage salad with cherries, apples and carrots.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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One Response to “New Trend: Dessert in a Jar”

  1. Those desserts look fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m glad you like my gift box tutorial! 🙂


  1. Dining A La Jar at Lila Sosse - | - [...] offering food in jars.  (It was the jars that drew me in)  I like Weck jars and I know…

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