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The weekend flew by in a flash and for those of you reading in North America, you’re lucky that you are still enjoying your long weekend today!  My weekend was great.  I went to see my first concert in Prague that was quite the unforgettable experience.  I tasted my first dessert with quark, (tvaroh in Czech), a fresh cheese that tastes like ricotta, cream cheese and sour cream mixed together.  Quark is a new discovery for this Canadian living in Prague, but quite popular around Central and Eastern Europe (it goes by different names depending on the country).  I am looking for recipes to test out a dessert in my kitchen some time soon, so stay tuned.  Made a delicious lamb tagine with rasins, almonds and honey from an Epicurious recipe, and tested out the Rose Bakery’s banana bread recipe.

Finally, I caught up on reading through my favourite blogs.  Last week was so hectic with work, my eyes and brain could not bare to be in front of the computer for one more instant, but I am back and recharged after a nice weekend.


First up, I love this cake.  It is covered in, what looks like to me, M&M’s without the m’s.  You could apply this technique to the outside of a cake with any candy really, like Skittles, or Smarties, but as far as I am concerned, this is a bit of monochromatic cake heaven.

via act on inspiration

Next up, as I was catching up on my blog reading this weekend, I stumbled upon some terrific new sites from around that world that I am loving right now.

Etsy:  Just Believe by Belinda Bracelets, DNTX Handlebar Bag in Blue and White Stripe and Just Potters porcelain tabletop platters and dishes


Paul and Paula’s adorable finds for kids.  I know when I return to Toronto in May there will be at least three new babies in the world and I am already scoping out potential gifts!  Have I mentioned how fabulous kids clothing is in Europe? Particularly Berlin?  Trust me, this is coming from someone without kids and I’m already melting looking at the stuff.

via Paul and Paula (noe & zoe line)

79 Ideas, a fellow Prague based blogger, has some beautiful photography and a great line up of home accessories and tabletop ideas on her site.

Get in touch with your inner Italian baker with Pane, Burro e Marmellata.  It’s going to take me a while to comb through this site of stunning food photography and baked goods, but I am determined to give one of the recipes a shot!

Anything and everything from Paper Eskimo, a stationery and partyware company from Australia, whose colour accessories are certain to liven up any party.

via Paper Eskimo


Finally, if vintage is your thing, I think you’ll really like Shabby Style, an online store and blog from Germany that carries charming accent pieces for the home.


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