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Have you heard the news? Muji, the Japanese home goods brand that continues to expand around the globe and entice customers with its simple, everyday products, recently re-branded and re-launched the location of its first ever Muji store in Tokyo’s Aoyama district and called it Found Muji.  Every time I am in a city and see a Muji store I stock up on cute little items, especially their pens.  When I was living in Hong Kong in 2003 and again in 2006 I couldn’t get enough of their colourful pens and office organization items and simple brown paper notebooks.

For those of you Mujites who love the brand’s minimalist, affordable products, natural style, and endless hours of in-store fun, Found Muji looks to be even cooler.  I love what they did with the concept behind the new store.  Instead of showcasing their own Muji brand, they are selling the goods produced by small businesses and revealing the stories behind each of the products they’ve selected for the Aoyama store. Now that I think about it, Found Muji actually reminds me of ABC Carpet Factory in New York, of course with an entirely different aesthetic-

Maybe this will be a concept that expand globally.  What a treat if they do!

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via muji

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2 Responses to “Found Muji”

  1. Amy says:

    That’s interesting news! I love Muji and I can never leave the store without purchasing something! I, too, am very fond of their pens 🙂

    • sarah says:

      I think I have a pen in each colour. Every time I use one up, I am already planning my next Muji replenish trip when I travel to a city that has the store!

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