Cuisine de Bar by Poilane

For those of you who drool over the aroma and thought of freshly baked bread, which would be most of us, unless you are gluten free, you’ll be excited to read that Poilane, a family run bakery in Paris recently opened a new cafe/bakery/restaurant called Cuisine de Bar by Poilane in Sloane Square in London.

The history of this bakery dates back to 1932 when a young baker from Normandy came to Paris to open a shop. The baker, Lionel Poilane, known for his sourdough bread, achieved success with his breads and even received request for bread from artist, Salvador Dali, who created a house out of bread for him to test if he had mice.  Today, Poilane is still family run and has three locations in Paris and two in London (Cuisine de Bar as the newest edition).

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll recall this is not the first time I’ve mentioned Poilane.  A couple years ago, I wrote about the bakery’s other famous product, their punition cookies , the cookie beloved by home bakers, foodies and Francophiles all over the blogsphere (here, here, and here), that gained a lot of traction after Dorie Greenspan published a recipe for punitions in her book titled, Paris Sweets.

While I am not in London to taste treats from Poilane’s new outpost, lucky me, my fiance will be heading to London in a couple weeks and I am going to send him to test and report back. That’s what I call team work at its finest.

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