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For my birthday, my mother bought me a subscription to one of my favourite food magazines, Bon Appetit, and had it sent to Prague.  I just got my first copy two weeks ago and decided to try out their Almond-Cranberry Quinoa cookie recipe in the January 2012 issue.

a little of this

to make these

small taste test

While the recipe was only so-so, not enough flavour (a tad bland) and crunch for my taste, I wanted to post about a funny cookie idea that I read about on The Urban Grocer and Springwise called, Qkies. Qkies is a company based in Germany that was created by Juchem Gruppe and DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (not your typical baker combination) and makes QR code cookies.

In this new level of technology-meets-cookie, customers can order a box of Qkie mix, bake it in their own kitchen and apply the edible QR codes that come programmed to the website of their choice, which can then be scanned by the end “eaters” by using a smartphone.  The educational video on the Qkies website shows a girl using the Qkies as invitations to a big party she is hosting.  Unique? Yes.  Quite the unique way to invite guests? Absolutely! Now, do I think I would feel a bit funny and uncomfortable “eating” technology like that?  Yes.  While I am sure it is safe to eat, there is something about the idea of eating a barcode that turns me off.  That being said, is eating royal icing dyed with food colouring any better system? In my ideal world, I would like to think so.  What will a little red and yellow dye do to you?

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Something like Byrd’s, seems much more appealing to me.  A one pound cookie jar of homemade cookies.  Just like the convenience of Qkies, you can even order cookies online from Gilt Taste.

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