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Two weekends ago, my fiance and I drove to Dresden to stock up on groceries and go check out an Asian food market that he read about somewhere.  After driving around in a couple circles, we located the Asian food store where we proceeded to buy lots of random items such as rice noodles, soba noodles, chili chicken sauce, lemongrass, curry pastes, canned lychee, jasmine rice and mirin.  What can I say, we’ve been craving Asian food.

Living in Prague is certainly not like living in Shanghai, Hong Kong or Toronto where you have access to ingredients such as the ones I listed, in most mainstream grocery stores and food markets (not much schlepping involved).  As another example, On New Year’s Day, we went to a restaurant in TTTM SAPA, the large Vietnamese market in Prague 4 (very far), and despite the fact that most restaurants and stalls were closed, the one we found was only so-so.  I will return to SAPA on a regular day to try that shopping and dining experience again. There is a point to all this talk about Asian food and cravings. It is gearing up to the topic of this post:  Where I want to eat Asian food in Berlin!

Currently, my (growing) Berlin Asian restaurant wish-list is as follows:

1. Monsieur Vuong– Upbeat Vietnamese- reviews here and here (clearly states it has the best spring rolls EVER)

2. Cocolo Catering– A mobile Japanese soup kitchen with a dinner only ramen bar in Mitte- see menu here, and a review here.

3. Co Co– Bahn Mi heaven- except the Wednesday Chef says not enough kick in the hotsauce which is a bit disappointing but I will still give it a shot.  Foodspotting seconds the sentiment with chili is not standard. Hrmff!!  I like spicy food.

4. Sian– Vegetarian Vietnamese with a bit of meat on request

5. Dudu– Pan Asian restaurant which I’ve already been to but want to go back- see’s review here and I mentioned briefly in this post here.

6. Transit– Thai/Indonesian food that I read about on the Berlin Loves You blog.

6. Chen Che’s tea party- aka afternoon tea Vietnamese style- Read more about the Vietnamese tearoom here

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