Cupcake Berlin

I am soooo going to Cupcake Berlin, on my next trip to the city the end of January.  Just look at their cupcakes!! They look divine and like the North American real deal.

I think I would like to sample their Fantasy Island cupcake which is vanilla cake with a cream cheese frosting and their Lemon Drop cupcake which his vanilla cake with lemon buttercream.  For my vegan friends out there, it is worth noting that Cupcake Berlin also bakes vegan cupcakes, so I may have to sample one of those too.  The vegan brown sugar cupcake looks interesting- worth a shot!  If you are interested in what others who have already sampled their goods have said, Cupcake Berlin has received some blog love form Decor8  who wrote a nice review and from OhCupcakes.  I will be adding my own the end of January so stay tuned.

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via cupcake berlin


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