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Martin Creed is a British artist who currently splits his time between London and Alicudi, Italy.  I am in love with his work and found it thanks to a terrific blog called My Adventure is Your Advantage (MAiYA).  It certainly is in this case!  Below, is a selection of my favourite pieces from Martin- ultimate favourites are #2 and #3. Happy Thursday.  Next week I will fill you in on my second trip to Amsterdam.  There has been a lot of exploring going on this past week. Excited to share.

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Minimega is my kind of paper brand.  Based in Denmark, Sara Andersen, graphic designer and owner offers loads of fun and colourful items like wrapping paper, prints, postcards, journals and adorable gift tags under the Minimega brand.  However, we are not just talking about any old wrapping paper, cards and tags.   We’re talking wrapping paper, cards and tags with triangles, squares, and polka dots- brightly coloured!  Rest assured, Sara uses 100% recycled Danish paper and vegetable inks making the products environmentally friendly.

For inspiration, check out the company’s blog to see what the Minimega design studio is up to.  You can shop products from Minimega’s online store but from what I gather, they only ship to countries in the EU (good for me!!), sorry my North American friends.


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kokoro chocolate

I recently read about Kokoro chocolate and I am loving this cute brand.  Based in Belgium, Kokoro chocolate makes beautiful, mouth-watering chocolates which have some pretty stylish packaging if you ask me.   The chocolate flavours are innovative as well ranging from white chocolate sake pearls and dark chocolate piemonte hazelnut to dark chocolate fleur de sel citrus confit and dark chocolate mint passionfruit.

The website is also great.  On the home page, when you scroll over a chocolate, the chocolate breaks and you get to see what is inside; every chocolate eater’s favourite part.

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Love This: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts
This weekend was low key.  I went to a dinner party where I sampled some excellent guacamole and stuffed peppers and worked on setting up a class that I am teaching in January.  I thought I would start out the week with a colour combination I am loving right now: Black, White, Red and Bamboo.  But before I sign off, I wanted to bring your attention to one of the items I used in my collage, for pure interest sake and curiosity.
The black cube object in the collage, located centre/right,  is from Sort of Coal, a Denmark based company that creates a line of purifying products (for water, air and the body) made out of white charcoal.  White charcoal is a purifying agent which has been used in Japan for several centuries and even some high-dend bars are using it to stir alcohol and tea to remove impurities.  Sort of Coal provides lots of information on its website if you are curious at all about white charcoal’s uses.   To give you a brief synopsis, while their product looks black, white charcoal gets its name by the way it is made- essentially charring wood at low temperatures for several days and then cranking up the heat.  Some of the benefits of white charcoal is that it absorbs odors, it regulates humidity, and can absorb up to 75% of chlorine out of tap water. The New York Times wrote a blurb about this product back in 2009 as did re-nest and Cool Hunting, so apparently I am a bit behind on my white charcoal trends, but better late than never!  Interesting stuff and certainly a fun holiday gift.

Raw Materials

I am heading back to Amsterdam next week to continue planning the details of the wedding.  I have a list of vendors to check out and I think, by the time spring rolls around, I will be an Amsterdam event planning expert.  Researching and interviewing vendors is a fun process and I am looking forward to my task.

One store, non-wedding related, that I look forward to returning to, is a shop I found on my last visit called Raw Materials.  Raw Materials is recycled, reclaimed and reused materials at its best- in furniture format.  The store, almost museum-esque, merchandises its products over three floors.  Walking around inside is truly a sensory overload to those interested in recycled, natural products like myself.  Raw Materials carries a broad range of items from lighting, and chairs, to dishes, tables, floor rugs, ceramics and textiles.   One could easily outfit an entire house with the products they offer or, at the very least, walk away with a unique accessory to decorate a room.    I hope these pictures are a bit of a tease, but really, you have to check out the store yourself next time you find yourself in Amsterdam!

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