Love This: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts
This weekend was low key.  I went to a dinner party where I sampled some excellent guacamole and stuffed peppers and worked on setting up a class that I am teaching in January.  I thought I would start out the week with a colour combination I am loving right now: Black, White, Red and Bamboo.  But before I sign off, I wanted to bring your attention to one of the items I used in my collage, for pure interest sake and curiosity.
The black cube object in the collage, located centre/right,  is from Sort of Coal, a Denmark based company that creates a line of purifying products (for water, air and the body) made out of white charcoal.  White charcoal is a purifying agent which has been used in Japan for several centuries and even some high-dend bars are using it to stir alcohol and tea to remove impurities.  Sort of Coal provides lots of information on its website if you are curious at all about white charcoal’s uses.   To give you a brief synopsis, while their product looks black, white charcoal gets its name by the way it is made- essentially charring wood at low temperatures for several days and then cranking up the heat.  Some of the benefits of white charcoal is that it absorbs odors, it regulates humidity, and can absorb up to 75% of chlorine out of tap water. The New York Times wrote a blurb about this product back in 2009 as did re-nest and Cool Hunting, so apparently I am a bit behind on my white charcoal trends, but better late than never!  Interesting stuff and certainly a fun holiday gift.
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