Ble Bakery: Thessaloniki

Writing this post is torture.  I am currently taking a two-week intensive, Czech language class and today, one of my classmates, who went home to Thessaloniki this past weekend, brough back with him a box of traditional, Greek Christmas cookie for us to sample.  I sampled one of these soft, mouth-watering cookies and I have to tell you, it had the most unusual combination of flavours:  honey, nuts, cinnamon dipped in white chocolate and topped with pink peppercorns.

It was amazing.  I asked my classmate if the bakery, BLE, had a website or whether there was something I could look at to replicate the cookie but sadly there is nothing (the torturous part).  I snapped a couple of pictures and I am putting it out to the web.  When I got home I tried Googling different things to find out what the cookie is or whether BLE is mentioned anywhere, and nothing comes up except for one reference to the bakery in a post on Chowhound as well as Colibri, the company who was responsible for Ble’s rebranding and interiors.

Does anyone know anything about this cookie or the bakery?  These cookies are too fabulous to be kept a secret!!!!  There must be a recipe somewhere.  If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment below.

My update- Apparently Ble does have a website, which I’ve included.  The reason I could not find it was because it is written in Greek.  The cookie also has a name-  It is called a Melomakarona, and it is a cookie that is soaked in a honey syrup and popular in Greece during the Christmas holidays- (aka a honey & spice cookie) a recipe can be found here and here.  Phew!, case closed.

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3 Responses to “Ble Bakery: Thessaloniki”

  1. Bidders says:

    Those do look like pretty fabulous cookies, that was one of the fantastic and surprising things I found while traveling around Greece, the quantity of brilliant bakeries. There is a particularly mouth watering place in ancient Corinth if you ever have the chance to go… (Sorry never heard of these particular wonderous cookies..)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Loved the look of those cookies. I am going to send the blog to John and anita and see if they know anyone with a recipe or recognize the cookies.

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