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Contemporary design, is probably not what most people would associate with the Czech Republic.  Rather, a style befitting to products from countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Spain or Italy to name a few.  Since moving to Prague three months ago, my contemporary design radar continues to go off.  As I explore my surroundings, I take notice of Prague’s next wave of designers trying to cut through the mass, mainstream stuff by producing arty, modern products.

Walk through any of the following areas, all located outside the touristy, Stare Mesto/Prague 1, such as Karlin, Vinohrady, Zizkov, or Holesovice and you are bound to stumble upon a handful of, dare I say “cool,” design stores featuring local and international industrial designers.

This weekend it is possible to get an introduction to several of the city’s young designers at festival, Design Supermarket.  Design Supermarket provides young artists and designers with a means to showcase their work in a commercial setting and provides consumers the opportunity to purchase unique, local, hand-made pieces of work.  When I first saw the advertisement for Design Supermarket posted on the side of a tram stop the other week, I was astounded.   Could this example attempting to showcase contemporary design and new talent in the city really exist for a city where modern/contemporary design is in its nascent stages of development?

To answer my own question, yes.  Design Supermarket started on Wednesday and runs until Sunday at Palace Archa, Na poříčí 26, Prague 1.  I plan to go check it out tomorrow and will let you know about my findings next week.  I am most excited to see the work of Batousek, de-sign, Dreamer Studio, Eva Pelechova, Gabang, Leona Skanderova, and Milos Nemec.  Pictures to follow….



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